The Classic Birthday Cake!

The classic birthday cake never lets you down!! This one comes with a rainbow vanilla sponge topped with creamy vanilla frosting, white chocolate ganache and lots of rainbow sprinkles to make your day special!

Half Kg @ 650
One Kg @ 1,150

Classic Chocolate Cake

Classic chocolate sponge topped with chocolate frosting, dark chocolate ganache, coco dust and a whole lot of chocolate garnishes!
This is fifty shades of brown for the chocolate lover in you.
Can be made on a devil's chocolate sponge for +Rs 100/-

Half Kg @ 750
1 Kg @ 1,300

Celebration Cake

This cake can make any celebration look fancy. Pick any sponge, flavour and color of your choice. In frame is a pineapple cake with vanilla sponge and pastel frosting.

Half Kg @ 750
One Kg @ 1,300

Strawberry Cake with white chocolate ganache (Seasonal)

Moist vanilla sponge with fresh fruity frosting and white chocolate ganache topped with more fresh fruits!
You can order this one with your favorite fruit (any one), subject to seasonal availability. Exotic fruits priced extra per market rate.

Half Kg @ 800
One Kg @ 1,350

Mention your choice of fruit at the time of placing your order!

Mango Cake (Seasonal)

Moist vanilla sponge topped with fresh mango cubes and mango frosting, finished with more mango frosting and topped with cute mango flower spirals!
Perfect for all mango lovers.

Half Kg @ 800 
One Kg @ 1,300

Pineapple Cake

The classic pineapple cake with a moist vanilla sponge, fresh pineapple cubes and pineapple flavoured frosting topped with white chocolate ganache and some more fresh pineapple!

Half Kg @ 750
One Kg @ 1,300

Blueberry Cake

This one is for all the blueberry lovers. Fresh blueberry with blueberry compote with blueberry frosting in a vanilla sponge.

Half Kg @ 900
1Kg @ 1600


A gorgeous vanilla rosette frosting cake for the fancier celebrations!
Can be made in colours & flavours of your choice.
Half Kg @ 750
1 Kg @ 1,300

Black Forest Cake (Seasonal)

The classic black forest cake. Moist chocolate sponge topped with fresh cherry compote, frosting and dark chocolate shards. Like all good things in life, this one comes with cherry on top!

Half Kg @ 850
One Kg @ 1,500

White Forest Cake (Seasonal)

The classic black forest on a snowy winter morning!
Moist vanilla sponge topped with fresh cherry compote, white chocolate and vanilla frosting topped with oodles of white chocolate and fresh cherries.

Half Kg @ 850
One Kg @ 1,500

The Fresh Fruit Cocktail

Calling all fruit lovers to go crazy with this one. Vanilla sponge loaded with a mix fruit frosting and really loaded with seasonal fresh fruits.
Do let us know your favorite fruits so we can customize this fruit cocktail to suit your taste buds!! Exotic fruits priced extra per market rate.

Half Kg @ 850
One Kg @ 1,500

Naked Cake

Why hide the beauty behind a veil of frosting. This cake celebrates the inner beauty of everything natural. Vanilla sponge with vanilla frosting with the choice of your fresh fruit toppings based on seasonal availability.

One Kg @ 1,500

Devil's Cake

Chocolate chocolate and more chocolate!
Made on a decadent, rich devils sponge with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and a hint of white chocolate! Can be made with the frosting design and concept of your choice.

Half Kg @ 850
One Kg @ 1,500

Chocolate Rosa

A very elegant cake to celebrate with if you love fifty shades of chocolate! A decadent devil's sponge topped with dark chocolate ganache and chocolate frosting. The cake is then finished with beautiful chocolate ganache roses and a chocolate lattice. This one is here to fulfill your cake and bouquet needs!

One Kg @ 1,500
1.5 Kg @ 2,000

Chocolate Rosa

One Kg @ 1,500
1.5 Kg @ 2,000

Choco Mocha Cake

An espresso soaked chocolate sponge topped with coffee chocolate frosting and coated with white chocolate ganache. The high notes of chocolate and coffee will not let you down!
Opt for a dark chocolate ganache for a less sweet, stronger richer coffee flavour.

Half Kg @ 750
One Kg @ 1,300

The Brownie Cake

This decadent cake is made with two layers of brownie loaded with dark chocolate ganache garnished with any one seasonal fruit or nut of your choice. Its a rich and elegant indulgence for your special occasion.

Half Kg @ 950
One Kg @ 1,750

Sinfully Chocolate (No Frosting)

We knew you wanted this cake from the minute you saw it!
Comes with a rich devils sponge loaded with dark chocolate ganache, topped with a sinful chocolate sauce that is quite literally the icing of this cake!
This is a "no frosting" cake. Only the goodness of chocolate and a minimal garnish of seasonal fruits and macarons!
Minimum order is 1 Kg.

One Kg @ 1,750
1.5 Kg @ 2,400

The Boozy Woozy Cake

This is how the grown ups celebrate!
Made with rum infused sponge and a boozy woozy chocolate marble ganache, this one hits all the high notes!

Half Kg @ 950
One Kg @ 1,750

Forbidden Fruit Cake

This is for the grown-ups who have children too! Pick any chocolate cake of your choice and have three liquor fruit and nut balls added as garnish for +200
The cake and the frosting are without alcohol.

Add 3 liquor balls to any cake @ 200
Add 5 liquor balls to any cake @ 500

New York Style Cheesecake 

This creamy decadent cheesecake is made from a beautiful blend of mascaporne cheese, cream cheese and greek yogurt, baked delicately and topped with fresh fruits of your choice!
Our favorite fruit toppings are blueberry, mango and strawberries.
These are available per slice as well as an entire pan (1Kg) 

Classic Rainbow Cake

The classic rainbow cake with rainbow vanilla sponges and vanilla frosting. Just enough cake to celebrate the sunshine of your life!
1 kg cake comes with 5 layers of sponge, colors of your choice. 2 kg and over can be made with all 6 shades.

One Kg @ 1,500
Two Kg @ 2,200


Rainbow Frosting Cake

Classic vanilla sponge topped with rainbow vanilla frosting.

One Kg @ 1,000

This pricing is only for vanilla sponge and rainbow frosting. For any other cake, with rainbow frosting add Rs. 100 per kg to the price of the respective cake.

Customized Cake

There is no limit to your imagination and our creativity. Let us know anything you would like to celebrate your special day with and our little kitchen elves will try and make it happen for you!

Call +91 779 584 5652 to inquire about egg-less or custom orders

All cake prices mentioned here are inclusive of GST and are subject to change based on seasonal availability of ingredients

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