At Lola we bake all our breads with a lot of care and affection to bring to you a wonderful culinary experience. This relationship is based on Crust!

We have come up with a number of products that are available for retail purchasing and also on gourmet sandwiches for a quick lunch option! Some of these include Focaccias, French baguettes, flavoured breads, Paninis, Challah braids and babkas. We do encourage you to pre-order the specialty breads to ensure you get a fresh bake when you need one.

We take great pride in our gourmet spread of hot sandwiches with flavors from around the world. While we have recommendations on what breads taste best with a given sandwich, we can substitute any bread you like, depending upon availability.

All sandwiches are served with a small bag of chips. Small enough to add a lil cheer to your day without feeling guilty about it!

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