A Pizza is simply dough with something on it!
And yet in all its simplicity, is purely delicious and probably the most popular food around the world. Something magical happens in the oven when you combine a beautifully leavened dough with sauce and toppings, making it a paradoxically simple yet complex flavor delivery system.

The sicilian pizzas or “sfincione” has a golden-brown crispy textured base, a sponge-like airy center, topped with an explosion of flavours and melted cheese. Lola’s pizzas are a celebration of the naturally leavened in-house dough that matures over several hours and gives this pizza the personality it deserves, topped with curated flavors from around the world.

At Lola, we know “what” and “how much of it” goes in to making a single pan of sicilian pizza. While we want everyone to indulge in to this experience, we also want to be mindful of portion sizes and try to be as sustainable as we can as a small business. This is why we offer our pizzas by the pan and also by the slice, so you can get as much as you like and as many different kinds that you like!
So do stop by our little café soon! We would love to meet each one of you and make you experience our very traditional Sicilian Style dough-with-something-on-it!!

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